If you are looking for a game in minimalist and simple design, for a challenging and captivating app, for the game with a simple story line and without very complicated rules. This is Amazing Ninja!


amazing ninjaThe story line is very intriguing. You play for a little ninja warrior whose girlfriend is kidnapped by an evil creature. So the little ninja starts his way through the world of evil to find his girlfriend and rescue her. However, when you start the game everything looks not as captivating. The design is really black and white and minimalistic. You will face various obstacles on your way which you will need to overcome. Moreover, you will meet evil ninjas whom you will need to fight. You will also find good ninjas whom you will need to save and protect. Be ready to jump from roof to roof and to face the real deadly challenge! Performing well in the levels you will progress through the game and will finally rescue the girl.

The game itself does not perform many options. On starting the app you will see two options: to play the game and to rate the game. The settings of the game are as well rather scarce. You can just turn on and off the sounds and music in the levels and that is all. So the app is not overloaded with options. The developer has managed to simplify everything as much as possible.

Amazing Ninja is not the app which will dramatically change your gaming life, but is a nice app to have on the phone to kill the time. Moreover the application is not very demanding and will not need much space and processor power. That is why the game will go fast and smooth even on the simplest devices.

The Amazing Ninja game is developed for various mobile platforms: iOS, Windows Phone, Android. The application is free to download and play and will not require any additional payments. If you lose the game you can start it again and again.

It is weird that the Amazing Ninja game has not won a great fan community. It is very simple to play, it does not make your phone will not lag or slow down in performance.

The Amazing Ninja app is regularly updated to fix the bugs. If something goes wrong in the game on your device (smartphone, tablet) you can address the community or read the reviews in mobile stores as the fans of the game have already discovered the ways to come up with the bugs. Moreover the developer takes into account bad reviews the first and releases the new update for the game to make your gameplay flawless and smooth.

Still if you can not find a way to pass the level or something goes the same wrong, then you can read the cheats online and find out how to overcome the weird obstacles or how to fight all the ninjas on your way and finally reach the goal.

The Amazing Ninja is a perfect time killer in your device. You will after all like the simple graphics which will not irritate your eyes!

The most irritating thing about the game is popping up apps. To remove the apps you will need to pay, however not very much. For example, to remove ads in the Amazing Ninja for iPhone you will need to pay just 1.99$. It is not very much, but still not very motivating.

Summarizing the review, we can say that it is a rather interesting and captivating application with the simplest graphics. The Amazing Ninja app lacks some depth. You can not tune your character, you can not change your ninja or improve his abilities and skills. The abilities and skills are not improved even throughout the game. So, just try this simple, but engaging application!

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